LP smart siding

At LP, creating new solutions for building is who we are. Since we pioneered our first engineered wood product, we’ve been creating better products to fit the changing needs of the building industry.

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LP Has Workability Nailed
Our treated engineered wood siding cuts out the time you spend dealing with warped and split pieces when properly stored and applied. Virtually every piece leaves the mill straight and ready to use.
• Works and cuts like traditional wood
• Easier to install than fiber cement
• Requires fewer tools
• Weighs less, easier to carry, less
breakage than fiber cement
• 16′ lengths vs. fiber cement’s shorter
12′ lengths, often resulting in fewer
seams or joints on your structure

Beauty Designed for
Peace of Mind
Choose your style to get the look you want with the beauty of treated engineered wood trim and siding. Our products offer you the versatility to achieve stunning results.
• Pre-primed for optimal paint adhesion
• No efflorescence
• Realistic woodgrain texture
• Longer lengths may mean fewer seams for better aesthetics
• Created with the renewable resource of wood, procured using processes certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®)
• The LP SmartSide Siding 5/50 year limited warranty is longer and covers more than most fiber cement product warranties
• LP SmartSide limited warranty also includes damage from hail – see warranty for details

Our Durability Difference
Our products have the advanced performance of treated engineered wood for durability. Our SmartGuard® process adds strength and helps withstand impacts.
• The LP SmartSide limited warranty is longer than most fiber cement product warranties
• LP SmartSide Lap Siding products are more resistant to impact damage from common projectiles like golf balls and baseballs than fiber cement products
• Resists damage of freeze-thaw cycles
• Even with moisture and humidity